Replicate the world

We're building a platform that makes it easy to replicate
real things and stream them into whichever digital reality you choose.

Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Reality

How it works


1. Scan, capture & Upload

Current integrations: Canon, ARM, Reality Zero One's Clone 1 with cloud connectivity.
Future integrations: Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, custom camera sensor.

2. Cloud replication

Current integrations: Reality Zero One cloud reconstruction or downloadable image archive (.zip) for use with 3rd party photogrammetry (e.g. Photoscan)
Future integrations: Autodesk APIs.

3. Delivery and simulation

Current integrations: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Unreal Engine & Sketchfab.
Future integrations: Microsoft HoloLens, Microsoft Mixed Reailty devices, ODG, Meta, Unity, SpatialOS, Altspace, Project Sansar, WebVR, custom WebGL.

Our Mission

To create a world class reality capture & digital reality delivery system that streams stunning 3D replicas into the reality of your choice.

Design and build an end-to-end system that make this process as joyful as possible.

Make it easy. Make it accessible. Make it fast.

Play nicely with others.

What is the Clone One Pro?

Reality Zero One is not a hardware company, but the Clone One Pro is an important part of our story.

The Clone One Pro will be the first commercially available 3D capture system designed and built by Reality Zero One.

At present DK1 hardware is only available to a handful of Alpha testers.

We will be opening pre-orders for the Clone One Pro in Q1 2018 as part of our wider beta program.

Create a Reality Zero One account today and join the waitlist.

History & Early Prototyping

Our journey began in 2015 with a small prototype VR application created for the Oculus/Samsung Mobile VR Game Jam. The Infinite Museum of Natural History beat over 2000 other applicants to secure one of 20 places in the $1million grand final.

It took too long to move each object from reality into digital reality and so we created Reality Zero One to automate all the things.

Things have moved on somewhat since these crude beginnings. We've since built hardware and software and cloud computing infrastructure to solve the hard problem of getting real world stuff into digital reality devices.

Stay tuned to see how far we've come!

Example scans

Beautiful quad meshes are automatically produced as part of the pipeline.

None of the scans above required any artist cleanup.